Front Range Plastic Surgery Front Range Plastic Surgery Thu, 12 Jan 2017 22:26:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Tips for Finding a Great Plastic Surgeon Mon, 05 Dec 2016 17:56:47 +0000 If you’re wanting to have plastic surgery done, finding a great plastic surgeon is the first priority.

An expert who knows his or her stuff will be able to guide you through the whole process while putting your interests first. You deserve nothing less. Not only do you deserve the best, you need it. It’s your body, and the results of any operation you have will have a significant impact on your life. The good news is, there are things you can watch for to make sure you end up with the very best plastic surgeon for you. Read on to learn more!

Check the surgeon’s record

It’s absolutely essential to know the care patients have experienced with a surgeon. It’s dreamstime_xxl_18252323-1even more important to know if the surgeon has ever been charged with malpractice. Malpractice suits accompanied by disciplinary action are massive red flags. Visit the site for your state’s medical board and do your research. You can find links to all state medical boards here.

Ensure the surgeon is board-certified

A board-certified plastic surgeon like our own Dr. Schutte has gone through three to five years of intensive training in general surgery. This is on top of two to three years of training in plastic surgery. Board-certified surgeons are required to take both oral and written tests before being certified. After being certified, they have to continue learning more about their field and take a test every 10 years. For your own safety, never choose a surgeon that hasn’t been board-certified. Certification shouldn’t be optional; it should be a requirement.

Check if the surgeon has hospital privileges

Hospitals must do background checks. Outpatient clinics don’t. Make sure the surgeon has hospital privileges and ask where they are. If the surgeon doesn’t have hospital privileges, move on and don’t look back.

Don’t wing it – come with questions

When you meet with a prospective surgeon, you should have plenty of questions to get answered. For instance, you should ask how often he or she performs the operation you need. The surgeon you choose should do the operation about once a week. You should also ask if the surgeon will perform the entire operation or just part and leave the rest up to staff.

Avoid bundling procedures

Performing multiple procedures means higher profit for the surgeon and higher risk for you. If a surgeon suggests doing this, you should probably take a step back. There are some situations in which bundling makes sense, but you need to have full proof of the surgeon’s experience and success before moving forward.

Pay attention to what the surgeon says, not how he or she makes you feel

Unfortunately, charisma doesn’t equal ethics and skill. You may be fully convinced that the surgeon cares about you, will take care of you, and has the proper skill, but you need to make sure there are facts to back that feeling up. We suggest you bring someone along when you visit surgeons. A second pair of eyes can be extremely helpful for identifying red flags you may miss.

If you’re considering breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedure, contact our board-certified plastic surgeon to have a conversation today!

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How is a Body Lift Different from Liposuction? Fri, 28 Oct 2016 16:08:47 +0000 At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we realize that everyone has a different concept of what they want to look like. Some people are pleased to embrace their bodies as they age, understanding that gravity’s effects are part of life. Other people are deeply affected by physical changes, struggling with the discrepancies between their youthful minds and aging bodies. Wherever you land between these two viewpoints, Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is here to offer you options and solutions.

One of the procedures we offer is a body lift. In this procedure, the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips are flattened and extra skin removed. Arms can also be addressed in a body lift.  Today, we want to go into some more depth on this procedure and discuss some frequently-asked questions.dreamstime_l_5925949

How is a body lift different from liposuction?

  • Liposuction is a specialized procedure that simply removes fat. It can’t tighten your skin or address cellulite. A lower body lift addresses sagging skin by removing it and tightening the muscles beneath it. It is a perfect procedure for people dealing with excess skin after weight loss. That being said, if you need liposuction to address pockets of fat, our Board-Certified plastic surgeon can easily integrate it into your procedure.

What exactly happens during a body lift?

  • Your stomach will be tightened, your thighs and buttocks will be tightened, and your hips will be contoured. Excess skin around your bikini line will be removed. Excess skin along the backs of your arms can also be removed. The procedure rejuvenates your body and gives it a younger appearance.

Will a body lift flatten my buttocks?

  • During a body lift, the buttocks get smoothed and elevated, which does end up reducing tissue in that area. Your buttocks may indeed look flatter. However, we can easily address that issue with augmentation. We’ll use your own tissue to renew the curve of your buttocks. It can be done during your body lift, which means you only have to have one procedure.

The team at Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to providing excellent, long-lasting solutions, including tummy tucks, breast surgery, and beyond. Start a conversation with our Board-Certified plastic surgeon and let our team compassionately meet your needs today!

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Will Eyelid Surgery Eliminate Crow’s Feet? Sat, 22 Oct 2016 16:08:45 +0000 People say eyes are the window to the soul. If your eyelids are constantly pushing down or up over your eye, it can make those windows look shuttered, tired, and distant. Sometimes, this happens as you get older. Other times, it’s genetics. Either way, if your eyelids are giving you physical or emotional trouble, you have allies. Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is here to provide solutions that improve your daily life. We offer eyelid surgery that will open your eyes up and make you smile at yourself in the mirror again.

Eyelid surgery remedies a lot, but can it remove the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes? We’re going to answer that question and more in today’s blog, so read on!dreamstime_12394801

Can eyelid surgery eliminate my crow’s feet?

  • Nope. Eyelid surgery removes tired muscle, skin, and excess fat in the upper and lower eyelids. However, we do offer solutions to crow’s feet, so if they are a concern for you, just mention them in your consultation. We are here to give you customized results!

Will I have scars?

  • It is a surgical procedure, so scarring will occur. However, it is extremely minimal and pretty much disappears after healing for a few months.

Am I too young for eyelid surgery?

  • Nope. Though this surgery is commonly done for older people, genetics can give younger people difficulty with their eyelids, and we can help with that.

Our bodies are our the last real estate we truly possess, and at Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we consider it a true honor to be able to help people stay proud and confident in their bodies. Let our Board-Certified plastic surgeon evaluate whatever is bothering you. You can rest assured you will receive effective solutions and world-class care.

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Am I Too Young for a Forehead Lift? Tue, 11 Oct 2016 16:08:43 +0000 When your forehead wrinkles or sags down toward your eyes, it can have a profound effect on how you come across to people. You look older, tired, and unhappy. This doesn’t bother some people, but if it makes your heart sink when you see yourself in the mirror or look at pictures of yourself, you have options! A forehead lift is a simple procedure that can completely rejuvenate your look, and our Board-Certified plastic surgeon has the expertise to give you custom results.

dreamstime_xxl_16455342As with many plastic surgery procedures, people think forehead lifts are for people with more years under their belts. Is this the case? In today’s blog, we’re going to answer this question as well as a few others about forehead lifts!

Am I too young for a forehead lift? 

  • Nope! There is no lower age limit for this procedure. Sometimes, heavy or sagging brows are genetic, in which case, very young people can benefit from a lift.

I’m afraid a forehead lift will make me look surprised. Is this true? 

  • This is why you need a Board-Certified surgeon like our Dr. Schutte. A well-trained surgeon will give your brows enough lift to free your eyes without pulling your brows up so high you always look surprised.

At the end of the day, it’s your body, and you deserve to feel great about it. If your forehead is getting you down, we can help. Even if you’re not sure a forehead lift is what you need, we encourage you to make an appointment to have a conversation with our expert plastic surgeon. Dr. Schutte will take the time to understand what you need, and he will use every bit of his extensive knowledge to deliver that.

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Breast Lift FAQ – Part 2 Wed, 05 Oct 2016 16:02:43 +0000 Humans don’t really age on the inside – it’s just our bodies! It can be confounding to realize your body is sagging and losing its elasticity when your mind is still as youthful as ever. The discrepancy can be very damaging to your self-esteem. The good news is, you have options. At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding our patients and giving them the results that boost their confidence and put a smile on their faces when they look in the mirror.

In our last blog, we discussed some frequently-asked questions about a breast lift procedure, which can renew the shape of your breasts when they have lost their elasticity. Today, we have a few more questions to answer!dreamstime_xxl_24676393

I want symmetrical breasts – can a lift with implants give me these results?

  • The fact is, nobody’s body is symmetrical. In fact, perfectly symmetrical breasts would just highlight the asymmetry of the rest of your body.  A Board-Certified plastic surgeon like our Dr. Schutte will be able to deliver results you love – results that are symmetrical and confidence-building.

How long is the recovery from a breast lift?

  • It depends on how much skin is removed, but you’ll be back in action anywhere from two to 14 days after your procedure. If you don’t have to do heavy lifting, you can return to normal life faster. If you consistently do heavy lifting, you’re looking at the 14 day range. Otherwise, it’s two to five days of recovery. Your plastic surgeon will give you a custom recovery time you can trust.

A blog answering some questions is no replacement for a face-to-face conversation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Make an appointment with us to access the extensive experience of Dr. Schutte and his compassionate, knowledgeable staff!

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Breast Lift FAQ – Part 1 Sat, 01 Oct 2016 16:08:40 +0000 Many of us struggle with gravity as we get older. It pulls at the tissues of our body, which lose their elasticity over time. Breasts aren’t immune to this condition – in fact, they are particularly affected. If your breasts are sagging, it can make you feel unattractive. There is no need for this! At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer breast lift procedures, which easily renew the shape of your breasts without the hassle of a full breast augmentation. In our next two blogs, we’re going to answer frequently-asked questions about this helpful procedure.

Do I need breast augmentation or a breast lift? How can dreamstime_xxl_21536132I tell?

  • If you want your breasts to be bigger, you need breast augmentation, in which mass is physically added to your breasts. If you want your breasts to stop sagging, you need a breast lift, in which loose breast skin is tightened up. That being said, the procedures can be combined. The key is to consult Board-Certified plastic surgeons like our Dr. Schutte, who will put your interests first.

If I don’t have breast implants, will a lift make my breasts look smaller?

  • Skin is removed in a breast lift, but it’s about two to three tablespoons of volume on each side. The lift will change the shape and position of your breasts, not the size (unless that’s what you want). Again, consult with a high-quality plastic surgeon to get input that makes you confident moving forward.

We are happy to answer some questions in our blog, but if you think a breast lift procedure might be for you, it’s time for a face-to-face conversation. Our board-certified plastic surgeon would be honored to sit down with you and discuss just what you need. Our entire staff considers it a privilege to come alongside the people of Loveland and the Front Range and provide results that make them stand a little taller.

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After a Mastectomy Tue, 06 Sep 2016 19:35:19 +0000 Are you headed toward a mastectomy? Did you already have one? Are you wondering if you need one? No matter where you are, it’s a difficult situation. At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we understand the weight of the decisions you have to make – as well as the emotional process that follows. We aren’t counselors, but your well-being is incredibly important to us. We offer breast reconstruction as an answer to your loss, and though we specialize in the physical operation, we want to set you on the road to both physical and emotional reconstruction. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss how to handle this major change.

Strive for a positive attitude

  • There will be low moments as you deal with the loss of your breast or breasts, but surviving cancer is a pretty bright spot. Additionally, if you opt for breast reconstruction, you will be able to get breasts that you might like better than the originals.  Find the happy spots wherever you can, even if they seem ludicrous. It’s your life, and you deserve all the happiness you can get.

Be transparent with your partner

  • We understand that a mastectomy can profoundly impact physical intimacy – from your self-esteem to the loss of sensation. Many women find that they can still have very -if not more so- rewarding physical relationships, but it starts with communication.

Deliberately do things that make you feel good about yourself

  • What makes you feel confident, healthy, and happy? Maybe it’s watching your diet, doing exercise classes, or just taking the time to sit and read for a while. Make a point to do things you love.

You are more than your body; sometimes, you have to remind yourself. Let us help you get started by providing world-class breast augmentation and reconstruction. Learn more today.


How to Care for Menopausal Skin After a Facelift Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:34:28 +0000 When you hit menopause, your body goes through many changes. At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer world-class facelift procedures to help you keep your youthful appearance. Once you get a facelift from us, there are some great things you can do to keep your skin healthy and strong. In today’s blog, we’re going to share them!

Clean it gently

  • Menopause sometimes brings acne and oily skin; sometimes it brings dry skin. Either way, make sure you’re cleaning it gently. Avoid soap-based products, because they will eliminate your skin’s moisture and make it red. If you have oil skin, go for a oil-free foaming cleanser. If your skin is dry, find a good oil-based cleanser that can preserve your skin’s moisture.

Moisturize with antioxidants

  • When shopping for a moisturizer, look for brands that include powerful antioxidants like green tea, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, you need to moisturize with antioxidants.


  • We recommend you exfoliate every day. If your skin is sensitive, try every other day. Try to avoid scrubs that may tear your skin. Instead, go for chemical exfoliators that will do the job without ripping into your skin. Exfoliating will get rid of acne, dullness, fine lines, and dryness.

Wear sunscreen

  • We know you’ve been told to wear sunscreen since forever, but it’s more important now than ever. Your skin is thinning, which makes it vulnerable to sunburn. We recommend you use at least SPF 30 sunscreen all year to protect your skin.

Contact our Board-Certified plastic surgeon to start a conversation!

Introducing SculpSure at Front Range Plastic Surgery!! Mon, 29 Aug 2016 21:38:16 +0000 SculpSureSocialMediaImage31

The new shape of body contouring

SculpSure is a breakthrough in light-based body contouring designed to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles, helping you achieve a slimmer and natural looking appearance without surgery or downtime.

Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose. SculpSure’s body contouring technology is able to target and destroy these fat cells in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface. Over time, these damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and removed from the body, with results seen as quickly as six weeks, and optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks. There is no recovery time following treatment, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.

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Exciting New Technology at Front Range Plastic Surgery! Tue, 26 Jul 2016 18:14:31 +0000 We are excited to tell you about some exciting new technology that we now have at Front Range Plastic Surgery!

The new shape of body contouring

SculpSure is a breakthrough in light-based body contouring designed to reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles, helping you achieve a slimmer and natural looking appearance without surgery or downtime.

Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose. Sculpsure’s body contouring technology is able to target and destroy these fat cells in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface. Over time, these damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and removed from the body, with results seen as quickly as six weeks, and optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks. There is no recovery time following treatment, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.

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Thursday, August 4th , 2016 from 12pm-1pm at Front Range Plastic Surgery

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CellfinaTM is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive one-time procedure clinically proven to clear the underlying causes of cellulite for at least two years—the longest FDA clearance for a cellulite treatment.

In just one treatment, CellfinaTM significantly improves the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. The result? A smooth, healthy look and the confidence to wear a little black dress, a pair of shorts or a string bikini, and know you look as terrific as you feel.

Key benefits:

·  Long-lasting ·  Minimally invasive
·  FDA-cleared ·  Effective and well-tolerated
·  One-time, in-office treatment ·  Limited downtime
·  Significant, rapid improvement ·  96% patient satisfaction at two years