Do you have an unsightly scar that you are ashamed of? Are you sick of people staring because of a scar? Scars are utterly unpredictable, and they can really do a number on your confidence level, but we may be able to help. We are Front Range Plastic Surgery and we are your premier source for Ft. Collins plastic surgery for scars. Our talented surgeons may be able to improve the appearance of your scar through scar revision.

If your scar is fairly new, it is advisable to wait at least a year before consulting a plastic surgeon, because scars will often improve in appearance on their own. There are a few ways in which your scar may be treated without surgery, such as the application or injection of steroids and other medicines, but in some cases surgery is the best option. The best way method of approach is to consult an experienced plastic surgeon who can inform you of your options and help you make the best decision. Surgery is always risky, and often times your insurance won’t cover cosmetic surgery, although if your scar is from an injury you may qualify for partial coverage.

It is impossible to completely remove a scar, but our talented Loveland plastic surgeon may be able to greatly minimize the appearance of your scar. If you have an embarrassing scar that is affecting your confidence, then make an appointment to discuss your option with Dr. Schutte today. We may be able to help you to get your confidence back and improve the appearance of your scar.