Introducing Schutte MD Medical Skin Care!!

Out of all of the anti-aging ingredients and products available, Retinol is the only one shown to work on a molecular level. Retinoids are the general term referring to the prescription-strength ingredients like tazarotene or tretinoin. Retinoids is an umbrella term for the class of compounds that encompass retinol or Vitamin A and essential to have in your skin care routine, first is always going to be sunscreen, next should be a retinol.

Retinol is a gentler version of retinoids and the benefits of retinol range anywhere from lightening age spots and hyperpigmentation to helping with acne. Retinoids are still the most highly recommended ingredient by dermatologists and doctors because of all of the studies that show how it will improve cellular function of photodamaged skin. Retinols help with the overall appearance of skin. Since it is an acid retinol is great for exfoliation, skin cell turnover, minimizing pore size, and stimulating new collagen production.

Retinol is nice because it is recommended for nearly every skin type. It can be very irritating so it is imperative to make sure that you start at a lower percentage and work your way up. You will see the biggest results with long-term use of retinol. It is a treatment product that you can work into your existing skin care routine. It is a product that you don’t need to use every night, typically retinol will stay in your skin for 48 hours so you only need to use it every other night, using it every night will just waste product and will not give you any better results.

Schutte MD Medical Skin Care is a truly wonderful retinol line that you will take your skin care to the next level. We have two different forms based on your skin type: an emolugel for dryer skin and a serum for oiler skin. Both of these product come in different percentages, if you have never used a retinol product before we recommend starting off with .2% and then working your way up to a .5% though these don’t seem like high percentages they are very powerful products. Stop by and see us today so we can tell you about all of the amazing benefits of retinol!!

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