What to know about BMI and plastic surgery safety

What is BMI?

BMI or body mass index is a measurement of approximate body fat based upon a person’s height and weight. Of course, muscle weighs more than fat so this is just considered an estimate for most people.

What is the recommended BMI at Front Range Plastic Surgery?

Every plastic surgeon has their own guidelines regarding BMI requirements for their patients. Dr Schutte utilizes literature from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, among other sources, to determine BMI guidelines for Front Range Plastic Surgery. Patients with a BMI 18 – 32 are considered optimal for surgical candidacy.

Why is BMI measurement important for plastic surgery?

A BMI measurement that indicates that a patient is either underweight or overweight can be a factor in their health, safety, and surgical outcomes.  Patient safety is of the utmost importance to us.  Patient’s care at our office is strictly elective, meaning it is by choice.  Patients that are underweight or overweight have a higher risk of significant complications.

Patients with a low BMI – under 18 – may have some level of malnutrition.  Patients must be nutritionally optimized to heal properly.

Patients with a BMI over 32 have higher risk of complications with anesthesia, wound breakdown, risk of blood clots and infection.

Safety Matters

At Front Range Plastic Surgery, our patient’s health and safety is our highest concern. We will not move forward with a procedure that is unsafe or not in the best interest of the patient.  A healthy BMI prior to surgery not only reduces complications but also provides better patient outcomes.  Your procedure is to assist you in achieving your aesthetic goals, these are best achieved when you are at your optimal weight.  Patients must have a BMI under 32 to be a candidate for surgery at Front Range Plastic Surgery.

We are here for you

We want you to feel great in your own skin.  By waiting for surgery until you are at a healthy weight for your body, you are limiting your risks and improving your surgical outcome.  Feel free to give us a call and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about procedures you are considering.

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