Know the facts about the Keller Funnel

Dr. Schutte uses the Keller Funnel because it is the smartest delivery for Silicone Gel Breast Augmentation. Here are some facts that you should know if you are planning on a Breast Augmentation:
  • The Keller Funnel is a cone-shaped, nylon device that allows Dr. Schutte to use a no-touch delivery technique, which is believed to reduce infection complications.*
  • It will reduce the incision lengths and minimizes the potential for implant damages and contamination.*
  • Decreases risk of capsular contracture which is one of the largest risks with Breast Augmentations.*
  • Reduces bruising and post operative discomfort.*
  • Decreases surgery time.
  • Never touches your skin, it goes directly from the manufactures package, to the Keller Funnel, into your body.
  • Reduces infection-based complications.

Always make sure that you are informed, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Schutte and his wonderful nurses to discuss the benefits of using a Keller Funnel!

*All information provided by Keller Medical Inc.

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