Recovering From Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

As discussed in our previous “Part 2: Preparing For Your Breast Augmentation Surgery” we talked about the many things to consider when having your procedure.  In the final installment of this series, we are going to cover some things to remember after your surgery while in the recovery phase.  It is important to make sure you have a home recovery area set up prior to your surgery that will allow you ample time to begin the healing process.  Here are some things to consider having ready:

  • Pain medication that is prescribed by your doctor to control any discomfort

  • Clean gauze for covering the location of the incision sites

  • Any creams or ointments that may be prescribed your doctor

  • Loose clothing that is unrestrictive such as button down blouses or shirts

  • Establish an area that you will be seated or lying down for at least 24-48 hours

  • Set up a phone and/or computer within reach of your established seating area

  • Have plenty of things to keep you occupied such as movies, books, magazines

After your surgery you will have a sense of feeling tired with most patients able to move around a bit more after 24-48 hours.  This time is a crucial time as it will set the tone for your healing process going forward.  Your surgeon will likely give you a surgical bra to wear after you remove the gauze dressing from your incision areas.  Your stitches will generally come out within a week to 10 days after your procedure.  This recovery period will continue until any bruising and swelling begins to disappear usually within 3-5 weeks.  Make sure to communicate any issues that may arise if you may experience any at all.  If you need to return to your job, you should be able to within a few days depending on the level of physical demands you deal with at work.

The most important thing to remember during your entire breast augmentation process is being open with communication and questions or concerns with your doctor.  Dr. Shutte’s goal for each of his patients is to make sure that they have as smooth and comfortable of an experience as possible and encourages you to be open from the time you begin to inquire about this procedure through the recovery phase.  We are confident that you will be very happy with the results and the amount of self-confidence you will gain will definitely change your life for better.

 Call our Loveland clinic today at 970-372-2310 if you have any questions and would like to schedule your personal and confidential consultation with Dr. Shutte.

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