Make Today Your Day

Today is the day for Angela. She is secure in herself and has always known the effects that having children would have on her body, and she loves nothing more than being a mom. Recently, though, she has noticed the effects of delivering and breast-feeding her two children. She lost nearly a cup size and gained some loose skin around the abdomen that just hasn’t responded to diet and exercise. Angela has always felt like this is a small price to pay for having happy, healthy children. However, since she and her husband have made the mutual decision to not have any more children, she has started to want her C cup and tight tummy back.

She feels now is the time to have a breast augmentation and tummy tuck done to recapture her previous figure. Plus, the cost of cosmetic procedures hasn’t risen like other sectors within the healthcare industry, so they are affordable options.

Angela has researched “Mommy Makeovers” and wants to talk to Dr. Schutte at Front Range Plastic Surgery in Loveland. Her friend, Denise, saw Dr. Schutte for some liposuction last year and loves the results. Prior to Denise having liposuction, Angela was unaware of the improvements in liposuction over the past decade and now feels comfortable with the procedure.

Today is the day for Angela because she is calling Front Range Plastic Surgery to schedule her private and personal consultation with Dr. Schutte.

Will today be your day too?

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