What causes Skin to Age?

We know it’s impossible to avoid the aging process, but what causes our skin to age?
Our skin cells are continuously forming, dividing and dying. So much so that in just one year the weight of these dead cells will actually be equal to our total body weight! That means 3 trillion cells have formed and died in a year’s time. The aging process happens because:

Skins cells are constantly being copied and divided
Over time those daughter cells begin to look different due to cumulative damage to DNA from oxidizing sunlight exposure
These cells don’t stay as hydrated as they were in the beginning because damage to moisture barrier (lipids between cells) get depleted and water is evaporated out
Plus 2% of the oxygen we breathe in becomes metabolized and ends up as a harmful free radical
Ways that we can minimize the aging process include:
Protecting your skin from sunlight; Full spectrum sunscreen should be your top choice
Taking oral antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C supplements
OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) work well on protecting from inside and topically
Use topical lactic acid twice daily to reverse same day sun exposure damage
Follow a regular routine. Use cleanser, then fruit acid, then OPC and top it off with plenty of moisturizer
What exactly is exfoliation?
Exfoliation occurs as outer cells loosen and fall off
It stimulates new cell production at a deeper level
It even stimulates new collagen production deep down to give thickness and strength back to your skin
It is important to keep a regular maintenance schedule for your skin. Theraderm’s Skin Renewal System will reduce the signs of aging by repairing damage. Each step of the four-part system plays an important role in reducing the signs of aging, but the moisturizers are critical for anti-aging benefits. Theraderm moisturizers include peptides that act as moisture-binding agents to help skin stay hydrated. Peptides also help skin produce collagen, a protein that gives skin its strength and durability. Using peptide enriched Theraderm products will help skin appear smoother and firmer.
What you eat and how much sleep you get also determine the health of your skin. Make sure to always drink water; we suggest 2-3 quarts a day. We can’t stop the aging process, but we can take care of the skin we’re in, and Theraderm is guaranteed to help.

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