Can Female Weightlifters Get Breast Augmentation?

At Front Range Plastic Surgery, we are passionate about empowering you to live life to the fullest, whatever that means for you. Colorado is a very active state, and we have many patients who enjoy weightlifting. We have found that many women who weight lift worry when it comes to breast augmentation, and we are here to dissipate the concern.

Women who weight lift can definitely get breast augmentation procedures. In this blog, we will discuss how it can work best for you if you weight lift.

Over the Muscle or Under the Muscle?

Should your implants go over or under the muscle that you have worked hard to develop and will continue to work in the future?

  • The criteria here for weightlifters is the same as it is for non-weightlifters. Implants under the muscle will look more natural for women with little breast tissue, while over-the-muscle implants will look more natural for women with more breast tissue.
  • Keep in mind that implants below the muscle will spread when you use your pecs, but this is not obvious.

What About Recovery?

You may be wondering: will I be able to lift the same way again? The answer is absolutely. You  need to ensure that you follow your surgeon’s advice on when to start working out again to avoid complications. If you do this, you will be lifting like you were before surgery in about two to three months.

We highly encourage you to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Schutte to get the most personalized input. Call today!

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