Breast Lift FAQ – Part 1

Many of us struggle with gravity as we get older. It pulls at the tissues of our body, which lose their elasticity over time. Breasts aren’t immune to this condition – in fact, they are particularly affected. If your breasts are sagging, it can make you feel unattractive. There is no need for this! At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we offer breast lift procedures, which easily renew the shape of your breasts without the hassle of a full breast augmentation. In our next two blogs, we’re going to answer frequently-asked questions about this helpful procedure.

Do I need breast augmentation or a breast lift? How can tell?
  • If you want your breasts to be bigger, you need breast augmentation, in which mass is physically added to your breasts. If you want your breasts to stop sagging, you need a breast lift, in which loose breast skin is tightened up. That being said, the procedures can be combined. The key is to consult Board-Certified plastic surgeons like our Dr. Schutte, who will put your interests first.
If I don’t have breast implants, will a lift make my breasts look smaller?
  • Skin is removed in a breast lift, but it’s about two to three tablespoons of volume on each side. The lift will change the shape and position of your breasts, not the size (unless that’s what you want). Again, consult with a high-quality plastic surgeon to get input that makes you confident moving forward.
We are happy to answer some questions in our blog, but if you think a breast lift procedure might be for you, it’s time for a face-to-face conversation. Our board-certified plastic surgeon would be honored to sit down with you and discuss just what you need. Our entire staff considers it a privilege to come alongside the people of Loveland and the Front Range and provide results that make them stand a little taller.
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