2 Important Reasons For A Tummy Tuck

If you need to lose that last little bit around the midsection, you may want to get more information on an abdominoplasty, or by it’s more common name, a tummy tuck. At Front Range Plastic and Surgery in Loveland, we work very hard to make sure you are well taken care of during all your office visits and procedures. Dr. Warren Schutte is a Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of General Surgery. Dr. Schutte is also a member of the Colorado Medical Society, Larimer County Medical Society, and the American Medical Association. There are several reasons why someone might want plastic surgery. One common reason is that over time, and sometimes, due to circumstance, people can develop a protruding abdomen or sagging belly. This can happen to the best of us for various reasons.

  • Father Time Takes His Toll On All Of Us – Even though some people can put father time off for longer than others, we all eventually will see a little sagging in that abdominal region. A tummy tuck can relieve much of that sagging and give you the look you want.
  • Pregnancy Stretches The Skin – Human skin shows stretch marks. That’s pretty unavoidable after you have carried a baby for 9 months. A tummy tuck will remove that extra sagging skin caused by pregnancy. You should wait until you are certain you are finished having children before you have the abdominoplasty done, though.

These are just a couple of the reasons why people ask for more information about tummy tucks. get your information today from Front Range Plastic and Surgery.

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