We debunk Common Misconceptions About Tummy Tucks

In the final installment of our March blogs about common misconceptions, we’re exploring popular myths associated with tummy tucks. If you’ve been considering a tummy tuck in Loveland, we want you to be able to make an educated and informed that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

  1. The tummy tuck is a weight loss procedure. This is patently false. Tummy tuck is not suitable for individuals that are significantly overweight or obese. In fact, for the best results, it’s recommended that tummy tuck candidates be at, or near, their goal weight before undergoing surgery.
  2. I won’t have a belly button after a tummy tuck. This is not true, either. Loose skin around the belly button may be gone, but the belly button itself will remain right where it belongs.
  3. Tummy tuck is for women only. While a lot of women undergo tummy tucks, men can benefit from the procedure, too! In fact, the tummy tuck procedure is suitable for anyone with loose fat, hanging abdominal skin and separated/weakened abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck is especially helpful for men that have lost a significant amount of weight and need additional body contouring surgery to fine-tune their physique.

For more information about tummy tuck and how it can help you love your body more, please contact Dr. Schutte and schedule an appointment today! We’re here to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable. Remember, all consultations will always be privately held between you and Dr. Schutte.

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