Breast Augmentation Can Help Loveland Women Regain Their Shape After Cancer

More and more women are opting for mastectomies to treat or prevent breast cancer. Where lumpectomies, the removal of the cancerous lump in the breast, used to be the norm, single and double mastectomies have been rapidly increasing over the last few years. Removal of the breast, particularly in women carrying genetic mutations that predispose them to breast cancer, can greatly reduce the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis. After a mastectomy, many women opt for breast augmentation surgery to help them regain their previous figures. Our Loveland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Schutte, can help.

Breast augmentation isn’t always about increasing the size of your breasts. When it comes to patients who have had a mastectomy, our breast augmentation surgery is about reshaping the breast that has been removed. The way that we do this is similar to a standard breast augmentation surgery, as we use implants to increase the size of the breast and establish natural, full shape. Often, even if you’ve had a single mastectomy, Dr. Schutte will need to perform surgery on your other breast as well, just to ensure symmetry in size and shape.

If you’ve battled breast cancer and are ready to regain your former shape, contact Front Range Plastic Surgery. You can read more about breast augmentation in our Loveland office on our website, then give us a call to make an appointment with Dr. Schutte. You’ll come in for a free consultation and learn more about our surgical services and how we can help give you back your beautiful shape.

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