Learn What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck in Our Loveland Offce

A tummy tuck, also known as a abdominoplasty, is a common surgery done by our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Loveland. These procedures are common for people who have lost a great deal of weight, but still have excess skin around their midsection. A tummy tuck can provide a drastic change in the overall shape of your body, and for many people it’s the final triumph of a major weight loss victory.

Before you come into our Loveland plastic surgeon, Dr. Schutte, for your tummy tuck, you should know what you can expect post surgery:

  • You will have a scar. Some patients have minimal scarring, and some of our patients have a scar that runs from hip to hip. It depends on the extent of the work that will need to be done for your tummy tuck.
  • You will need to rest. A tummy tuck is a major surgery, and it will affect large portions of your body, skin, and muscles. While some of our patients feel pretty much back to normal after two weeks, others need four weeks or even longer to recover.
  • You will have support. Our office is filled with a medical team that’s excited to help you reshape your body. We know how difficult it can be after a major surgery, and that you’ll likely have many questions you want answered. Our team will be there for you every step of the way, to answer your questions and support you before, during, and after your surgery.

Ready to learn more about getting a tummy tuck in Loveland? Give us a call at 970-372-2310 and we’ll set you up with an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Schutte so you can learn more.

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