How Loveland Women Should Care for Their Breasts After Augmentation

If you have invested time and money into having your breasts augmented, it is extremely important that you know how to care for them after your operation. Dr. Schutte, our board-certified plastic surgeon, will make sure that all your care questions are answered. You can also visit our breast augmentation page. In the meantime, if you want to know what good care involves, this will give you a good summary.

  • Don’t worry when you find your breasts swollen and mildly bruised. This is normal, and will fade over the next weeks.
  • You may remove your incision dressings 24 hours after your operation, but leave the skin tapes that are directly on the incisions. They will stay even when you wash them, and will eventually fall off on their own.
  • If you wish, you are encouraged to cover the incisions with your own gauze as you feel needed.
  • Avoid submerging yourself in still water to prevent infections of your incisions.
  • Avoid under wire bras. These bras can change the position of your implant. Use the post-surgical bra provided by Dr. Schutte, which can be removed in the shower, as long as you put it back on afterwards.
  • Dr. Schutte may give you breast massage techniques to avoid capsular contracture (the hardening of the breasts due to scar tissue around the implant).

At Front Range Plastic Surgery, your comfort and privacy are our first priority. Whether you simply have questions or you’re ready to take the next step, we are ready to help you. Call for an appointment today!

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