Plastic Surgery In Loveland: Signs That You Need a Tummy Tuck

Anyone wanting to change their body shape is faced with many options! Many people head in the direction of liposuction, and it is true that liposuction can address issues due to excess fat. However, if you have loose or hanging folds of skin, liposuction will be ineffective. In this case, a tuck will give you the results you want. When you make an appointment with Front Range Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon and his team will discuss all your options confidentially so that you can move forward with certainty.

When you’re looking in the mirror, these are signs that a tuck will work for you:

  1. A “frowning” belly button
    • This is exactly what it sounds like. Normally, a belly button is a circle or an oval. However, if it starts to transform into a horizontal line tilted down in the corners, you have excess/loose skin that a tuck can fix.

  2. A crease
    • This is an advanced version of the frowning belly button. If you have a fold of skin (normally around the belly button), this is loose skin that can be tightened by a tummy tuck.

  3. Wrinkled skin
    • For many reasons, skin on the belly becomes stretched, and it will often not return to its original form. It will simply look pocked and folded. A tuck will fix this.

  4. Overhang
    • If you have skin on your abdomen that hangs over your pants or underwear, you have an overhang. Only a tuck will address this.

At Front Range Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schutte and his team serve Fort Collins and Loveland by bringing beauty, wholeness, confidence, and balance through our operations. Make an appointment and experience our confidentiality, comfort, and care!

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