What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck

Many people hesitate before deciding to get plastic surgery not because they are worried about the procedure itself, but they are concerned about recovery. At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we fully understand. Facing recovery from any procedure can be daunting!

The good news is, thousands of people have recovered, are recovering, and will recover from plastic surgery. Our Board-Certified plastic surgeon knows exactly what’s needed to make your recovery as smooth as possible, and we will be with you the whole way.

In today’s blog, we are going to give you a general picture of what tummy tuck recovery looks like. Keep in mind that you are different than anyone else, and we will work with your needs.

  • Fluid tends to build up in the surgical site after an operation, so you will likely have temporary tubes under your skin during the first week to drain the fluid off. You will be glad for them!
  • You will have a compression garment to wear over your bandages. It will support you and make sure you heal right. Depending on circumstances, you may have to wear it for up to two months. It may also just be needed for two weeks.
  • It is common to feel more nauseous than pained after a tummy tuck, so you may be prescribed medication for that. Make sure you only take medications approved by the surgeon.

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