Why Are My Implants Making Noises?

Sometimes, after a breast implant procedure, patients report hearing their implants squeak or slosh. As you can expect, this tends to unnerve patients! However, it is not generally a concern. These noises are common and short-lived. They occur for two reasons:
Post-Surgery Fluid
After your breast implant procedure, there may be fluid between your implant and its capsule. When you move your arm across your chest, the implant slides slightly to one side, and the fluid has to move the opposite direction. You will hear a squishing or gurgling sound. The great news is that this fluid goes away with time, and your recovery period will end with quiet breasts!
High Altitude

When you get into high altitudes, especially while flying, the change in pressure can cause fluid to accumulate, much like in the previous example. When this happens, you get the same results – swishing, gurgling, or squeaking noises that go away. Feel free to contact your surgeon to talk it over if you need to.

Here at Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we have the experience to address all different situations. We understand that every body is different, and we are committed to offering customized treatment to each of our patients. If you are experiencing noises or anything that makes you uncomfortable, we are here to answer your questions. Even if your concern turns out to not be a big deal, we are happy to address it. We will always put you first.

When you contact Front Range Plastic Surgery, you are connecting with a world-class office and the expertise of a Board Certified plastic surgeon. Give us a call today to start a conversation!

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