A Basic Pre-Facelift Shopping List

You’re getting a facelift. You’ve done your homework on the procedure. You’ve interviewed several surgeons and found one who has the honesty, expertise, and compassion to understand what you need and show you transparently how you will get it. The day of the operation is approaching, and you’ve arranged your calendar to accommodate recovery time. There’s one more thing to do: make sure you can just focus on recovery. That means buying some supplies ahead of time.

Well, you’re in luck! In today’s blog, we are going to share a basic list of must-haves. You probably won’t have to buy all of them – chances are good you have some lying around your house.

  1. Clamp hair pins. Get at least four. You’ll be glad when it’s time to apply ointments and you want your hair out of the way.
  2. Hot water bag. You will put your ice in this, and be so grateful to not be fiddling with leaky ziplocks.
  3. Handheld mirror. This will help you properly apply peroxide and ointment to to your neck and behind your ears. This is especially helpful in the moments when no one is around to help.
  4. Q-tips, baby shampoo, and peroxide. Get a lot – you’ll go through these fast. The q-tips will be perfect for applying peroxide around the chin and ears in order to prevent infection. The baby shampoo will allow you to gently clean your hair.

Dove soap. You won’t be able to put on harsh soap or lotions, so you’ll want a gentle soap that will hydrate your skin.

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