Will Eyelid Surgery Eliminate Crow’s Feet?

People say eyes are the window to the soul. If your eyelids are constantly pushing down or up over your eye, it can make those windows look shuttered, tired, and distant. Sometimes, this happens as you get older. Other times, it’s genetics. Either way, if your eyelids are giving you physical or emotional trouble, you have allies. Front Range Plastic and Surgery is here to provide solutions that improve your daily life. We offer eyelid surgery that will open your eyes up and make you smile at yourself in the mirror again.

Eyelid surgery remedies a lot, but can it remove the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes? We’re going to answer that question and more in today’s blog, so read on!
Can eyelid surgery eliminate my crow’s feet?
  • Nope. Eyelid surgery removes tired muscle, skin, and excess fat in the upper and lower eyelids. However, we do offer solutions to crow’s feet, so if they are a concern for you, just mention them in your consultation. We are here to give you customized results!
Will I have scars?
  • It is a surgical procedure, so scarring will occur. However, it is extremely minimal and pretty much disappears after healing for a few months.
Am I too young for eyelid surgery?
  • Nope. Though this surgery is commonly done for older people, genetics can give younger people difficulty with their eyelids, and we can help with that.

Our bodies are our the last real estate we truly possess, and at Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we consider it a true honor to be able to help people stay proud and confident in their bodies. Let our Board-Certified plastic surgeon evaluate whatever is bothering you. You can rest assured you will receive effective solutions and world-class care.

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