How is a Body Lift Different from Liposuction?

At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we realize that everyone has a different concept of what they want to look like. Some people are pleased to embrace their bodies as they age, understanding that gravity’s effects are part of life. Other people are deeply affected by physical changes, struggling with the discrepancies between their youthful minds and aging bodies. Wherever you land between these two viewpoints, Front Range Plastic and  Surgery is here to offer you options and solutions.

One of the procedures we offer is a body lift. In this procedure, the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips are flattened and extra skin removed. Arms can also be addressed in a body lift. Today, we want to go into some more depth on this procedure and discuss some frequently-asked questions.
How is a body lift different from liposuction?
  • Liposuction is a specialized procedure that simply removes fat. It can’t tighten your skin or address cellulite. A lower body lift addresses sagging skin by removing it and tightening the muscles beneath it. It is a perfect procedure for people dealing with excess skin after weight loss. That being said, if you need liposuction to address pockets of fat, our Board-Certified plastic surgeon can easily integrate it into your procedure.
What exactly happens during a body lift?
  • Your stomach will be tightened, your thighs and buttocks will be tightened, and your hips will be contoured. Excess skin around your bikini line will be removed. Excess skin along the backs of your arms can also be removed. The procedure rejuvenates your body and gives it a younger appearance.
Will a body lift flatten my buttocks?
  • During a body lift, the buttocks get smoothed and elevated, which does end up reducing tissue in that area. Your buttocks may indeed look flatter. However, we can easily address that issue with augmentation. We’ll use your own tissue to renew the curve of your buttocks. It can be done during your body lift, which means you only have to have one procedure.

The team at Front Range Plastic and Surgery is dedicated to providing excellent, long-lasting solutions, including tummy tucks, breast surgery, and beyond. Start a conversation with our Board-Certified plastic surgeon and let our team compassionately meet your needs today!

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