Foods to Help Your Skin Heal After a Facelift – Part 1

Scarring is one of the biggest concerns our facelift clients have. They don’t want to exchange their wrinkles for scars, and we don’t blame them! Fortunately, our Board Certified plastic surgeon has the training and experience to give you the look you want. Additionally, there are foods you can eat to help your skin heal quickly and completely. If you’re headed toward a facelift, you’ll want to stock up on the items we share in our next two blogs!

Vitamin-C Rich Foods

Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis, and collagen’s job is to keep your skin healthy and strong. If you don’t have enough vitamin C in your diet, your skin will be weak and damage easily. Enjoy strawberries, kiwi, peppers, oranges, and broccoli, and you will give your skin the tools it needs to heal flawlessly. It also defends your skin against poor circulation, sun damage, and scarring.


Honey has been used as an antiseptic, moisturizer, and wound healer for centuries. When it comes from a raw source, it is one of the most powerful allies your skin can have. Make sure you check with your plastic surgeon before you apply it to your incisions.

At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we work tirelessly to give our clients unparalleled results. From taking the time to understand your needs to making a plan to sticking with you through recovery and beyond, we are your closest allies. Contact our Loveland office today to learn more about our facelift procedures!

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