I Want My Breasts to Be Closer Together – Part 1

Many of our breast augmentation clients want to know how far apart their breasts will be. Generally, they want to have cleavage – the ability to press their breasts together with a bra. We at Front Range Plastic and Surgery are here to ensure that our clients get the results they need to feel confident, and we know how to do it safely. Plastic surgery does have its limitations, and breast distance is one of them. If you consult with a plastic surgeon who says your breasts can be moved together, there are some risks you should be aware of.

You are born with your breasts a certain distance apart, and they are limited by the distance between your right and left pectoralis major muscles. Implants should not be wider than the natural diameter of your breasts, so they can’t shift your breasts closer together. However, there are operations that can be done on naturally-distant breasts to make them seem closer together. Keep in mind that these options aren’t optimal.

Implants that are much larger than your breasts

  • By getting implants that are much bigger than your natural breast size, you will get the inner sides of your breasts to lie closer together. However, your recovery will be harder and your breast tissue will atrophy. Risks of permanent deformity, especially of the crease under your breast, become far stronger. In short, it is a riskier operation that could give you all the wrong results.

Don’t settle for plastic surgeons who just want your money. Instead, go with our Board-Certified plastic surgeon and get lasting solutions that will have you smiling in the mirror every time!

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