I Want My Breasts to Be Closer Together – Part 2

Deciding to have a breast augmentation procedure is a significant decision. At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we always take the time to discuss your goals and set you up for success. One of the most common discussions we have is about the distance between breasts and what can be done about that. Everyone is born with a certain distance between their breasts, and changing it can be risky. If a plastic surgeon tells you that bringing your breasts closer together isn’t a problem, we suggest you get another opinion. There are things that can be done, but they aren’t optimal.

In our last blog, we discussed how getting large implants can bring the inner edges of your breast closer together, but only at the risk of discomfort, tissue atrophy, and deformed breast creases. Today, we are going to examine two other options you will hear about.
Putting the implants close together
  • In this option, you would select correctly-sized implants and have them put in close together. While this will bring your breast mounts closer, your nipples will stay the same distance apart. The result is not flattering, and we don’t recommend it to anyone.
Place implants above the muscle
  • Leaving muscle limitations out of the equation by putting implants above them can help you bring them closer, but we really don’t recommend this. You have less soft tissue to cover the implant, which increases wrinkles and other complications.

Make sure you work with our Board Certified plastic surgeon. Our whole office will treat your goals like they are their own. Contact us today to start a conversation!

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