Why You Should Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice After a Tummy Tuck

Whether you were active before your tummy tuck or not, you will want to build active habits into your life afterwards. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to make sure your money, patience, and time don’t go to waste. At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we want you to get the very best results from your procedure. That is why we will stick with you after your procedure and make sure you have the care you need.

In our last blog, we went over a loose timeline for getting active again after your tummy tuck. It’s important to ramp up carefully in order to not get set back. That being said, we know that it’s hard to be patient, especially when you start to feel better. For that reason, we are going to detail the reasons it’s important to take your time.

  • When you’re working out, your blood pressure and heart rate go up, which can make incisions bleed. Your tummy tuck results can be affected, and if things get serious enough, you might need a reoperation.
  • Pain medications commonly affect your coordination and muscle control. Working out while on pain medications can lead to injuries and complications witht he healing process.
  • Doing crunches and other strenuous won’t just harm your incision – it can damage your muscles.

At Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we consider ourselves your partners. From your first consultation to your recovery process, we will make sure you get the best results. Contact us today!

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