Key Facelift Recovery Tips

Getting a facelift is a journey, and at Front Range Plastic and Surgery, we are ready to be your ally. Once you have gone through all the preliminary stages – considering, exploring, researching – and you actually get your procedure, you’re only two-thirds of the way through. It’s time to recover!

  • When you handle recovery right, your facelift will yield the very best results possible. Here are our tips!
  • Listen to your surgeon and do what he or she recommends.
  • Don’t lift or push anything heavy for up to two weeks after the operation. If you do, you can give yourself a hematoma and be back in surgery.
  • Avoid bending over. You won’t want to, because it will be uncomfortable, especially at first. You will feel dizzy and your face will feel full and sore. Instead of leaning over, bend your legs and lower yourself vertically.  
  • Use sunblock like crazy. Your face is a unique surgical location because you cannot cover it up with clothing. You need to be extremely cautious about exposing your face to the sun!
  • Do not smoke. This is a universal rule for everyone coming out of surgery, but it is especially true for facelift patients. Smoking restricts blood flow and therefore healing, which can lead to skin loss on your face.

You deserve the very best care, and Front Range Plastic and Surgery can deliver it. Our Board-Certified plastic surgeon is ready to bring all his experience and skill to bear on your behalf. Contact our Loveland office for an appointment today!

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