1. Common Breast Augmentation Myths and the Truth

    While breast augmentation surgery is well known by most people and remains the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States with more than 313,000 procedures performed in 2018 alone, there are still plenty of myths and misconceptions out there when it comes to breast augmentation and…Read More

  2. Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

    There are many reasons why plastic surgery is desired, or even necessary, and gaining an increased sense of confidence is chief among them. Most aspects of a person’s body can be altered through cosmetic surgery and most popular among them all continues to be breast augmentation. In 2017 alone, 30…Read More

  3. Are You A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

    Consistently at the top of the most performed, and popular, cosmetic surgeries in the United States, breast augmentation can serve many purposes for women around the country and is a safe procedure when performed by a trained and certified plastic surgeon. In fact, according to a report from the Ame…Read More

  4. Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures to Enhance Your Look

    Would you like to enhance your look, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit to cosmetic surgery? From tummy tucks and breast augmentations to facelifts and liposuction, there are many different cosmetic surgeries that are an effective option for enhancing your look. However, not everyone …Read More

  5. Tummy Tuck Facts Part Two

    In part one of this series, we covered some basics about surgery, including what to expect and how to choose a good surgeon. Picking a good surgeon is the easy part if you choose Front Range Plastic Surgery in Loveland. Dr. Schutte is one of the area’s few double board-certified surgeons, so you k…Read More

  6. Tummy Tuck Facts Part One

    Whenever you are considering any elective surgery, it is critical to get all of the facts beforehand so that you can make an informed decision about your health and your body. There is a lot of information available about plastic surgery. Just do a search for tummy tucks, and you’ll be overwhelmed…Read More

  7. Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Lift

    These plastic surgeries are two of the most popular in the country. It can be confusing to know which is best for you. You may be able to achieve the shape and look that you want with a lift, but you won’t know that unless you talk with a board certified plastic surgeon about what your specific go…Read More

  8. Breast Augmentation Surgery Is The Answer For Many Women

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