1. How to Keep Skin Looking Younger for Longer

      Many of our patients seek out our facelift services in Loveland as a way to lift the skin on their face to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As we age, the skin on our face begins to lose some of its elasticity. This is primarily what causes our skin to start to wrinkle and…Read More

  2. Foods to Help Your Skin Heal After a Facelift – Part 1

    Scarring is one of the biggest concerns our facelift clients have. They don't want to exchange their wrinkles for scars, and we don't blame them! Fortunately, our Board Certified plastic surgeon has the training and experience to give you the look you want. Additionally, there are foods you can ea…Read More

  3. Foods to Help Your Skin Heal After a Facelift – Part 2

    If you're getting a facelift, you have many allies on your side. Everyone at Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is in your corner, but they aren't the only ones! There are many times of food that can speed your recovery and ensure your skin truly looks better than ever before. In our las…Read More

  4. Will Eyelid Surgery Eliminate Crow’s Feet?

    People say eyes are the window to the soul. If your eyelids are constantly pushing down or up over your eye, it can make those windows look shuttered, tired, and distant. Sometimes, this happens as you get older. Other times, it's genetics. Either way, if your eyelids are giving you physical or emot…Read More

  5. Am I Too Young for a Forehead Lift?

    When your forehead wrinkles or sags down toward your eyes, it can have a profound effect on how you come across to people. You look older, tired, and unhappy. This doesn't bother some people, but if it makes your heart sink when you see yourself in the mirror or look at pictures of yourself, you hav…Read More

  6. How to Care for Menopausal Skin After a Facelift

    When you hit menopause, your body goes through many changes. At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we offer world-class facelift procedures to help you keep your youthful appearance. Once you get a facelift from us, there are some great things you can do to keep your skin healthy and st…Read More

  7. A Basic Pre-Facelift Shopping List

    You're getting a facelift. You've done your homework on the procedure. You've interviewed several surgeons and found one who has the honesty, expertise, and compassion to understand what you need and show you transparently how you will get it. The day of the operation is approaching, and you've arra…Read More

  8. Key Facelift Recovery Tips

    Getting a facelift is a journey, and at Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are ready to be your ally. Once you have gone through all the preliminary stages - considering, exploring, researching - and you actually get your procedure, you’re only two-thirds of the way through. It’s…Read More

  9. Facelift Concerns: What If I Scar Easily?

    Our bodies’ ability to form scars is a wonderful thing when it comes to survival. However, when it comes to appearance, it’s a different story. Scars can be embarrassing, discouraging, and worrisome, especially when they occur on the face. At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we ar…Read More

  10. Acne Scars and Facelifts

    Unfortunately, acne is a very common issue. Depending on the intensity and duration of your acne, you may end up with scarring that can affect facelift results. At our Loveland plastic surgery office, we understand the pain that acne and its scars can cause. That is why we encourage you to make an a…Read More